University of Ottawa Medical Students Now Required to Meditate

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Meditation class intended to relieve stress, prevent burnout:

The University of Ottawa's gruelling medical school curriculum — which helps prepare students for an even more gruelling career — now includes mandatory meditation sessions. "It's an opportunity for first-year students to learn how to take a break from the mayhem" said Dr. Heather MacLean, who helped develop the curriculum. MacLean, an assistant professor of neurology, said there's evidence that mindfulness training translates to better patient care. Burned-out doctors make more medical errors, she added.

The mandatory meditation sessions are scheduled every two months, adding up to four per year, for first- and second-year students. Third-year students have a mandatory half-day workshop. There are also optional meditation sessions held each week. The response from students so far has been overwhelmingly positive, although a few have said they'd rather spend the time studying.

Full article by Ottawa Morning posted: Nov 28, 2016 – CBC News