Doctors who are considering or already practice Integrative Medicine are often concerned about the medicolegal aspects of using non-traditional therapies. Although the Canadian Medical Protective Association will advise you in a conflict with your provincial college over this issue, they will not “defend” you. Ultimately, it will be up to your own college as to the acceptance of your scope of practice.

Physicians using IM are held to the same standards of practice as conventional doctors, although the main reason for practising IM is to exceed these standards: employing more effective therapies, while providing the same or a better level of safety for patients.

For an article on the Canadian Medical Protective Association’s view of “alternative medicine” (2012): Alternative medicine — What are the medico-legal concerns?

CIMA intends to send its representatives to the provincial regulatory colleges to discuss any controversial aspects of IM, to encourage the registrars to become familiar with IM, and to offer assistance in regulation issues that might arise around members practising IM. If you are a CIMA member, you can access or start a discussion on this topic in the members only section.