Take a look at what CIMA membership can offer you

Benefits of Membership

CIMA is the national voice of Canadian medical doctors practising Integrative Medicine. By becoming a member, you can play a part in determining the future of Integrative Medicine in Canada. Whether or not you take an active role in the organizational aspects of the association, membership will allow you to:

  • Be part of a dynamic national network of Integrative Medicine practitioners
  • Learn more about Integrative Medicine therapies for your own practice
  • Access member-only blogs, bulletin boards, and posts
  • Discuss difficult patient cases online with other members
  • Promote Integrative Medicine education for colleagues, the public, and the regulatory colleges
  • Encourage undergraduate education that includes Integrative Medicine and a more holistic patient-centred approach
  • Help introduce legislation that supports Integrative Medicine in Canada
  • Influence the way the news media reports on Integrative Medicine events by creating a media team staffed by expert practitioners
  • Keep up to date on Integrative Medicine meetings, conferences, and training courses
  • Receive registration discounts on Integrative Medicine events
  • Participate in Canadian Integrative Medicine conferences sponsored by CIMA
  • Be alerted to important Integrative Medicine news and research via emails and the CIMA website