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Canadian Integrative Medicine Association

Integrative Medicine is a whole-person, patient-centered medical practice using therapies that are both evidence- and experience-based from a variety of medical disciplines including conventional Western medical therapies. These practices are combined to provide the highest level of safe, effective healthcare for our patients.

Our Objectives:

  1. To create a network of physicians with expertise in the field of Integrative Medicine in order to improve patient care.
  2. To provide educational opportunities in Integrative Medicine for physicians.
  3. To support individual physicians in their practice of Integrative Medicine.
  4. To facilitate true peer review for any physician practicing Integrative Medicine should this become necessary from a regulatory perspective.
    A true peer is defined as a physician with training and expertise in the particular therapeutic modality under review.
  5. To work with medical schools to expand undergraduate and post graduate medical training in the field of Integrative Medicine.
  6. To empower the public to make informed choices in choosing Integrative Medicine therapies and to facilitate better access to these therapies.
  7. To promote scientific research in Integrative Medicine in order to support evidence-based practice.

Integrative Therapies:

1. Whole Medical Systems

2. Mind-Body Medicine

3. Biologically Based Practices

4. Manipulative and Body-Based Practices

5. Energy Medicine


President: Dr. Stephen Malthouse (Denman Island, BC)
Vice-President: vacant
Secretary: vacant

Steering Committee:
Dr. Robert Banner (London, ON)
Dr. Barry Breger (Montreal, QC)
Dr. Bill Code (Duncan, BC)
Dr. Lyne Desautels (Montreal, QC)
Dr. Elliot Jacobson (Toronto, ON)
Dr. Adrienne Junek (Ottawa, ON)
Dr. Barbara O’Neil (New Ross, NS)
Dr. Linda Rapson (Toronto, ON)
Dr. Simran Rattan (Brampton, ON)
Dr. Ashley Riskin (Vancouver, BC)
Dr. Sophie Stavrinidis (Montreal, QC)